Press Releases - 2000

Read the latest press releases to find out what customers, partners and industry analysts are saying about MITEM's unique approach to integrating legacy applications.

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December 18
New MitemView 5.3 Simplifies Bringing Core Business Processes
to the Web
"The release of MitemView 5.3 is a significant event for all participants in the MITEM ecosystem," said Martin Fincham, MITEM's vice president of marketing. "e-Business projects dominate our pipeline as we enter 2001, and the enhanced features and functions of this major product release will contribute greatly to our customers e-Business integration success".

September 14
MITEM Joins Siebel Alliance Program and Successfully Completes Validation
"Validating MitemView with Siebel 99 demonstrates our confidence in MITEM's ability to integrate with Siebel e Business Applications providing a viable legacy integration solution for our customers," said Michael Straub, technical director of alliances at Siebel Systems. "MitemView enables Siebel Systems' customers to quickly, easily and non-invasively integrate with the broad range of platforms that MITEM supports."

June 16
MITEM Corporation Appoints Vice President of Marketing
"To date, MITEM has demonstrated the value of its products, generated an international base of blue-chip customers, dominated target market segments, and completed two acquisitions so far this year," said Gale Aguilar, president and COO of MITEM. "Some marketing fundamentals have been in place, but essentially the company has been trading on the strength of its reputation - almost by word-of-mouth alone."

April 20
MITEM Corporation Acquires European Sales & Support Center
"This acquisition is key to MITEM's worldwide growth strategy. We have carefully nurtured and supported Alchemy for six years. This effort has resulted in a 'tailor-made' subsidiary that enjoys a strong, loyal customer base and truly exceptional staff," said Aurel Kleinerman, CEO of MITEM Corporation. "Our customers and partners will continue to enjoy the personal care and attention of the Alchemy team, along with full and direct access to MITEM's internal resources." continued Kleinerman.

March 20
MITEM Corporation Acquires Cornerstone Consulting Company
"This acquisition is a milestone in the growth of MITEM's business. The Cornerstone team has demonstrated tremendous technical ability, ethical business practices, and a seemingly myopic focus on customer success," said Aurel Kleinerman, CEO of MITEM Corporation. "As an enterprise software company, it is important that our customers and business partners can turn to MITEM for implementation support. With the acceleration that the Cornerstone acquisition gives us, we expect this new group to have an immediate, positive effect in the MITEM community." continued Kleinerman.

February 29
TIBCO Software and MITEM to Enter Strategic Alliance for Mainframe e-Business Solution
"Many of our customers' e-business scenarios involve mainframe components," said Vivek Ranadivé, TIBCO Software's chairman and CEO. "We are very excited to work with the leading mainframe connectivity provider, MITEM, whose technology complements our e-business infrastructure software with an easy-to-use, highly functional, and high performance mainframe connectivity solution."

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