"The productivity increases and cost savings we have realized from the new system are saving us more than $1 million annually. I have been with BGE for 33 years and have seen every new system come and go. This new agent desktop that we built with MitemView is the best project I have been involved with. It did what it was supposed to do and met all performance expectations - a rare achievement."

Tom Pelligrini
Director of Customer Service
Baltimore Gas & Electric


Press Releases - 2001

Read the latest press releases to find out what customers, partners and industry analysts are saying about MITEM's unique approach to integrating legacy applications.

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December 11
MITEM Announces Integration Adapters for Unisys
"Many enterprises have IBM systems but few have only IBM systems. There is a world beyond IBM where systems from vendors like Unisys, Compaq and Bull exist. For instance, Compaq's NonStop servers process 66 percent of all credit card transactions and 95 percent of securities transactions worldwide. Likewise, Bull technology is particularly favored by the public sector and can be found in 41 states and 150 agencies."

November 20
MITEM Enables AmeriBen's New Self-Service Benefits Administration Solution
"We used MitemView to provide the critical legacy connection in a new Web-based application to automate and integrate the high volume of eligibility data changes and updates we previously received as hard copy change forms. Now our clients can process these changes themselves, using a wizard-like GUI, and employee benefits information is instantly updated on our back-end system, rather than waiting for our staff to enter it."

November 8
MITEM's Application Integration Experts Present at GBET Conference: "Integrating Systems to Share Data and Applications Between Government Agencies"
"In the economic environment that exists today, businesses in the public and private sector need to find cost-effective ways to optimize information systems. We were pleased to share with the attendees of GBET the expertise that we have accrued while solving some of the toughest integration problems that government agencies face."

September 25
MITEM® Introduces MITEM.NOW Roadmap To Help Businesses Integrate Disparate Information Systems
"Each new wave of standards has only increased the scale and complexity of the integration challenge, leaving customers frustrated. That's because information systems in the enterprise are in perpetual change. We call this dynamic state the Integration ContinuumT . That's why MITEM.NOW has been built for adaptability and change over time."

September 25
Baltimore Gas and Electric Selects MITEM for Legacy Integration Initiative
"Our current CIS system served the company very well over the past 10 years. However, with our new corporate mandate, we need to enhance our customer service processes, yet retain the $100 million we'd already invested in our existing CIS. MITEM enabled us to surmount this challenge rather painlessly."

July 17
MITEM® Corporation Ships MitemViewT 5.3.1
"This release of MitemView demonstrates our continued commitment to automating the integration process," said Martin Fincham, MITEM's vice president of marketing.

May 15
MITEM® Corporation Extends Lead in Legacy Integration for US Utilities
"We chose MitemView for our project because of its performance and because of MITEM's proven implementation track record" commented Larry Eiser, manager of call center services for Cinergy. "When we combine the east and west CIS systems, a GUI front-end application will address many of our concerns by minimizing training issues and enhancing CSR productivity."

April 30
MITEM® Corporation Announces Siebel Systems Validation
"MITEM has shown commitment to the Siebel Validation Program by originally validating their solution with Siebel 99, and now also with Siebel 2000. Such commitment is characteristic of a company that shares Siebel Systems' focus on 100% customer satisfaction."

March 29
MatrixOne Integrates MitemView to Improve Legacy System Communication and Collaboration
"As customers seek to improve productivity and reliable data processing across multiple legacy systems, it will become increasingly important to employ software that allows for easy access to data and transactions," said Mark Bierschied, director of integrated e-Business solutions for MatrixOne. "This integration with MitemView ensures that current or prospective MatrixOne customers can achieve easy access to information with minimum disruption to their existing business processes."

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