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The Blue Iris™ Family of Products

Blue Iris products are built on MITEM's renowned integration platform and provide real time, bidirectional integration for hospital information systems. The current release products - the Blue Iris eLaborate and Blue Iris Connect - were developed specifically for the healthcare market. The Blue Iris product line will continue to grow to meet the needs of physicians and nurses working in a hospital setting and physician offices that must connect their critical applications (e.g. EMRs) to hospital and laboratory information systems.

Currently available Blue Iris Products Include:

Blue Iris eLaborate

Blue Iris eLaborate provides a complete connectivity application that links laboratories efficiently and securely to healthcare providers, enabling providers to initiate lab orders, check medical necessity compliance and view results rapidly and accurately using a secure Internet connection. Blue Iris eLaborate presents all of this critical data via a single view, web-based application that is easy and intuitive to use. The graphical interface contains richness and functionality that is an order of magnitude beyond what has been previously achieved with web-based applications.

Blue Iris Connect

The demand from the outreach environment to provide an order-entry and results solution is clearly reaching an all-time high. Blue Iris Connect solves the problem of providing order-entry capability from an EMR application to a legacy-based application - regardless of whether the legacy system has a traditional HL7 interface or not (eg. MEDITECH MAGIC). Orders can now be entered automatically for laboratory, microbiology and blood bank tests. Once the results are avail abel they are retrieved from the legacy application and returned to the EMR.

Blue Iris Connect enables physicians to enter orders and receive results though their office system without any manual intervention at either end. This streamlined process will help the hospital to reduce administrative costs while providing better service to the physician and patient communities.


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