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Customer Service Framework (CSF)

Customer Service Framework (CSF), a robust, full-function customer care system developed for public utility companies, uses MitemView to interface a legacy Customer Information System to a new agent desktop.

CSF is designed to increase customer satisfaction by transforming every call center agent into an expert user. CSF provides automated workflow, improved ease-of-use, expert assistance and real-time integration with disparate customer systems. CSF has been proven to lower operating costs, particularly in ramping new hires and staff productivity. CSF can be installed, fully configured and deployed in six to nine months for significantly less cost and effort than required for implementing a new customer information system. Public Utilities wary of undertaking a major CIS replacement project in light of restructuring, or those considering a packaged CRM solution to improve their service levels, should consider CSF.

CSF provides the essential customer service functionality, including viewing and maintaining customer data and billing and collections information, handling emergency situations, managing service orders, and miscellaneous inquiries.

MITEM can use its innovative technology architecture to tailor a system suited to your specific environment, including creating a real-time interface to your existing CIS. MITEM's Professional Services Group will customize the solution based on your requirements, providing the development, project management and training resources required for a successful implementation. The resultant CSF implementation will provide a framework that allows for system expansion and enhancement such as computer telephony integration, on-demand document imaging, web self-service applications, and other third-party services.

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