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Human Services Interface for Arlington County, VA

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G2 Framework

The G2 Framework is a Web-based single-search solution designed for government systems. The framework provides a single sign-on and single view of data across the myriad of local, state and federal systems required for the efficient delivery of government services. G2 can both search for information and update records when discrepancies are found or when new data is entered.

G2 is designed as a framework for building single-search applications for a broad range of government entities. The challenges of identifying a person among disparate databases are similar whether the objective is addressing national homeland security or providing local human services. The example described below is for case workers providing human services such as ones addressing public health, aging & disability, child & family, economic independence, and behavioral healthcare.

Single Sign-on to Multiple Government Systems

Example of a G2-based applicationGovernment case workers must access data from multiple disparate systems to gain a holistic view of citizens to whom they provide services. In accessing these systems, case workers are forced to repeatedly sign-on to multiple systems and keep track of their individual passwords. Such redundant manual entry is not only inefficient, reducing time available for providing services, but often produces data input errors.

Before the development of G2, attempts to resolve the data sharing and integration issues inherent in governments' multiple-system environment have been mostly unsuccessful. MITEM's more cost-effective approach provides a single-view, integrated interface with simultaneous access to all local, state, and federal databases. MITEM's G2 is the only framework on the market that can combine all mainframe systems and Web-based applications within a single integrated user interface.

G2 Functionality

The functionality of the framework speeds development of custom solutions. Specifically, G2 provides:

  • Single sign-on, requiring the user to sign-on only once, even if accessing multiple systems to which the user has authorization. A user ID and password for each authorized system is stored on the central server in a secure user profile.
  • Intelligent search, providing extensive search logic including:
    • Remembering searchable fields for each system/application
    • Recognizing the commonality of fields across applications
    • Recognizing aliases
    • Identifying unique individuals by comparing search results in different fields
    • Detecting fraud e.g. identifying multiple social security numbers for seemingly the same person
    • Offering unlimited search "hits," setting no limit to the number of line items (i.e. names) returnable to a search "hit". G2 offers an option (modifiable by the system administrator) to set the maximum number of "hits" displayed. For example, if this number is 200, only the first 200 hits of the search criteria occurrence will be displayed on the selectable list.   This number is constrained by no upper limit.
  • Displaying results, searching all applicable systems and providing detailed information from each system when the user selects a "hit"
  • Allowing the system administrator to control user access to systems for searching and display results.

Phased Implementation

G2 can be delivered in several phases to provide step-wise functionality. In Phase 1, is focused on getting the single-search functionality up and running quickly to provide immediate user benefits. Phase 1 uses an inquiry-only interface that lets users sign-on to the various systems. A single ID and password allows access to multiple systems.

Once connected, a user can search for an individual in various ways, including by name, social security number, and case number, etc. G2 can simultaneously search multiple mainframe systems for exact matches or provide a list of partial matches. When a user selects from these search results, the user is provided with a brief summary of information about the individual and can drill-down to view query results in detail.

In Phase 2, G2 can integrate with local systems to provide a complete data entry process from a single application. Such integration enables users to enter data just once into local systems and have the data then automatically updated in all required state systems. Phase II can also include the integration of relevant Web-based applications.

Centralized Server Architecture Enables Access from Anywhere

As a Web-based Java server application running on Windows NT/2000 or UNIX, the G2 server can be access from any secure network location. This flexibility lets users access the system while out in the field, working from home and in many other settings where access to single-search is advantageous. The framework is designed to plug-in many different systems and applications to provide parallel, asynchronous searches and display pertinent results from each system or application.

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