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MITEM Case Study - Autovia

Non-Invasive Integration Speeds Auto Parts Net Market

Abstract of an article in the October 2000 edition of eAI Journal. Click here for the full story.

AUTOVIA, founded in 1998, was the first online network to provide a way for repair shops and fleets to access and purchase automotive and truck parts via an Internet connection, in real-time, from multiple distributors.

Working closely with the distributors, AUTOVIA built a system that would, for example, let a repair shop enter all of its automotive parts needs into a single online purchasing form. From there, the information is sent to multiple distributors, and the price and availability information is returned to the repair shop. Once the shop orders the parts, AUTOVIA establishes a delivery time and processes the transaction.

The Business Problem
While the concept seemed viable, there was one significant roadblock that prevented AUTOVIA from moving ahead. Many of the Net Market participants, both auto repair centers and parts distributors, use legacy systems, some dating back to the 1970's. Without passing this hurdle, the business proposition would have been severely hampered.

That's where MitemView comes in. Designed to be completely non-invasive, thus preserving business application performance and reliability, MitemView was a perfect fit for AUTOVIA. Not only was the prospect of building an invasive application interface a daunting task, it would have presented enormous technical challenges for both AUTOVIA and the Net Market community. By allowing AUTOVIA to interact with the legacy systems in a non-invasive way, MitemView preserved the performance, integrity and security of the legacy application.

MITEM provided AUTOVIA with a solution that enabled a seemingly insurmountable task to become a core component of a B2B exchange in a market that is now reaping the benefits of a faster and more efficient supply chain. The net effect is an increase in revenue for the parts distributors, a significantly more efficient ordering process for repair shops and a lucrative business position for AUTOVIA.

Autovia Active Demo

Article written for eAI Journal by Rich Seeley.
(c) Thomas Communications Inc., 2000.

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