"MITEM has decreased our development time for real-time interfaces by as much as 80% in some cases, and increased data acquisition rate performance by 400%."

George Blake
Vice president/programming
S1 Community and Regional eFinance Solutions Group

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MITEM Case Study - S1

S1 Community and Regional eFinance Solutions Group (S1) is a leading provider of Enterprise eFinance software. The role of S1 is to develop new eFinance solutions that deliver a transactionable, customer-centric view across all delivery channels, resulting in a more compelling experience for the customers and a more profitable relationship for the financial institution.

S1 banking customers wanted to build competitive advantage and forge customer loyalty with superior technology. Since most financial institutions' processing power resides within existing legacy systems, executives were eager to leverage those assets when building a new integration solution.

To meet the needs of their customers, S1 Community and Regional eFinance Solutions Group began looking for a legacy integration solution to build into the Internet Banking System product. In addition, S1 was seeking an integration software solution that could integrate with their current infrastructure applications and significantly reduce interface development time.

Integration Challenge

Once MITEM was selected, 30 existing banks had to be moved to this new architecture within 30 days. This transition was accomplished on schedule.

Why MITEM Was Selected

Community financial institutions, in particular, needed support for real-time processing to replace the batch file processing of their legacy channel systems. MitemView provided that support as well as tremendous performance in data acquisition rates.

Also essential for S1's community and regional customers was MitemView's non-invasive approach to legacy integration. Unlike other middleware and screen-scraping software, MitemView preserves the high performance and reliability of banking's business-critical applications.


Since its integration into the S1 Internet Banking System, MitemView has helped to improve the stability of the Internet Banking System's real-time interfaces to core vendor solutions including Aurum Miser, CSI, FIS Orlando, Argenta, Kirchman, First Integrated Systems Omaha, and CBS Fiserv. By utilizing the patented MitemView framework as a generic tool for creating real-time links, S1 has greatly reduced programming time.

Since incorporating MitemView, S1 has deployed the solution at over 50 regional and national banks.

Key Features/User Benefits

  • The S1/MitemView solution reduced deployment time for a turnkey Internet Banking System from 9 months to 90 days.
  • MitemView's support of real-time processing helps financial institutions provide superior service with up-to-the-minute customer information.
  • MitemView leverages existing legacy system assets, allowing financial institutions to realize a quicker return on investment.
  • MitemView is a proven solution to attain Straight-Through-Processing (STP) for financial institutions.

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