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Call Center

MITEM software has been deployed in many high-volume call center environments across myriad different industries that include public utilities, catalog, retail, insurance and other financial services. Many of these customers, who were looking to preserve their investments in legacy systems, selected MITEM over standard CRM packages because their systems already held the exact functionality they needed, but required improvements to the end-user workflow.

Enhancing Legacy Systems

MITEM has built dozens of high-volume, call center applications that provide a logical sequence of information that solves the problem of inconsistent and redundant screen flow. MitemView pulls customer data from legacy systems and other disparate back-end systems and presents it to the client in a Windows, HTML or Macromedia Flash environment. This composite application eliminates the need for customer service representatives to laboriously access dozens of screens of information, one by one, to answer a customer inquiry - service reps can now access all the customer information they need with just a few mouse clicks.


MITEM's solutions are designed to address some of the most pressing issues facing call center operations including:

  • Optimizing each interaction with immediate access to comprehensive customer  information - from any system(s) while leveraging existing legacy assets
  • Significantly reducing training time for permanent and seasonal CSRs
  • Enabling consistent customer service across all communication channels, including telephone, the Web, email, fax, text-based chat, and voice over IP.

Creating Efficiencies/Reducing Costs

MITEM's customers have reported operational improvements that include cost reductions and increased agent efficiency. For example, a prominent catalog company has reported call center improvements which include:

  • Reduced training costs by up to 75% when old green screen terminal windows were converted to an intelligent graphical user interface
  • Average call handle time reduced by 10 to 20%
  • Increased service sales by 40%
  • Reduction of hand-offs and call transfers by 35%

See Customer Service Framework by MITEM for a solution tailored specifically to the public utility call center environment.

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