MITEM Corporation's Professional Services Group (PSG) supports the specialized needs of MITEM customers. PSG is dedicated to providing MITEM customers with services that ensure their successful projects.

The MITEM "best-in-class" team comprises experts in leading-edge technology, industries, and domains. They offer a full spectrum of services, from scoping the project, to mentoring a customer's staff, to creating a complete turnkey solution. Their experience allows MITEM to give our customers solutions optimized to satisfy their unique business needs. These may involve integrating multiple call center systems, designing a GUI, or building an eMarketplace or a customer self-service center.

MITEM's PSG has a flexible attitude regarding its involvement with our customers, working with them as closely as customers prefer. Among PSG's service offerings are:

Scoping the Project - Intelligent project planning is the foundation for project success. PSG uses its experience to help customers plan their projects in all detail: From setting timelines, to estimating man-hour efforts, to identifying the project team, to allocating best use of resources, to optimizing infrastructure configurations, PSG can scope a project to assure its success.

Mentoring - For organizations seeking guidance to jump-start their own team, PSG can dispatch a mentor to give on-site guidance and teach members of the project team. PSG can show your team how to tackle all aspects of a project, from project planning to instruction in the use of required tools to periodically monitoring progress and troubleshooting problems.  

Supplemental Resources - Even when an organization possesses an experienced IT department it may lack specific domain expertise - or availability of that expertise - to achieve an objective. MITEM PSG can supply the experience and skill sets essential to fill in the gap.

Turnkey Solutions - When an organization lacks in-house resources to develop a needed solution, MITEM PSG can create it, start to finish. PSG delivers turnkey solutions that fit organizations' unique needs and can provide continuing support for the implementation or train the organization's team to take over.

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