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Banca IMI delivers on-line custody service for equities and bonds
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Norwest Mortgage improves efficiency for customer service representatives
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Financial Services

MITEM provides solutions for financial services that include:

  •  Process automation for disparate systems and host environments
  •  Intra-enterprise integration
  •  Web-based customer self-service
  •  Fully automated STP applications
  •  Call center solutions

Extending and Enhancing Legacy Systems

MITEM's proven technology enables customers to extend existing integration capabilities with a Universal Adapter that extends the life and usefulness of legacy applications. MitemView's unique non-invasive approach to integration enables financial institution to quickly deliver timely, powerful solutions with a minimum amount of disruption to the organization.

Benefits of MITEM's Solutions and Business Applications

  •  Improved customer satisfaction through web-based customer self-service
  •  Increased employee productivity through automation of business processes
  •  Extended  the investment and functionality of legacy systems
  •  Improved customer service call center operations

Straight-Through Processing Solutions

The industry goal of achieving Straight-Through Processing (STP), in which there is the absolute minimum amount of manual intervention or delays during a trade process life-cycle, establishes the need for powerful and effective integration between trading institutions. The chosen integration strategy will determine the speed at which an organization can achieve an STP environment and create a new competitive advantage. MitemView's has a non-invasive, proven approach that quickly integrates your core business applications with new e-Business solutions, without compromising the reliability or performance that is demanded by such an environment.

MitemView's ability to provide a handshake environment between dissimilar systems allows an organization to move significantly closer to STP, by allowing transactions to occur seamlessly in real-time. With MitemView, financial institutions can achieve global STP and again surpass expectations of integration simplicity coupled with reliability, security and scalability - all in real-time.

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