"Once we start effectively sharing data between government agencies, the benefits will be many. Imagine...if you could enter your change of address only once via a Web browser and after you were identified in all the different systems, your new information would be automatically updated. We know this can be accomplished with MitemView."

Belchior Mira

Chief Information Officer

Dept. of Human Resource Management, VA

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Information Integration for the Public Sector
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Today’s turbulent global situation has caused the U.S. to rethink its fundamental national security policies and examine how its information is controlled and managed. The traditional centralized system, in which those who control the most information wield the most power, is rapidly shifting to one in which shared information is considerably more powerful. The national infrastructure that is being recast has, at its core, information decentralization.

In response, public sector agencies are increasingly looking to technology to help them achieve the expanded data integration that will be required to meet new legislative and other directives.

Information sharing among government agencies does exist, and much of it is externally imposed in response to legislative or policy mandates. However, there is an urgent need to not only accelerate information distribution, but also to broaden the scope of organizations that can share data. Local, state and federal agencies nationwide are reevaluating their needs and seeking integration solutions that can be deployed rapidly, efficiently and cost effectively, with minimal disruption.

MITEM has worked with many local, state and federal entities to integrate their legacy systems, share data, and expose web services to citizens. MITEM understands the key characteristics of the public sector IT environment that makes it so different from the private sector. These distinctive traits create a unique set of challenges for government data integration.

Dominated by Legacy Systems
Government systems can be extremely large. Agencies have been collecting massive amounts of critical data for decades, and may have tens of thousands of system users. Even on a local level, government information management needs can be grand in scale. Seventy-to-80 percent of government data resides on high-end legacy, or mainframe, data processing systems such as Unisys or IBM.

Diverse Technologies
Government legacy systems typically include many “homegrown” systems and heterogeneous platforms. In the private sector, off-the-shelf, packaged solutions predominate, but the government needs specialized systems that can respond immediately to legislative changes. They can’t wait until a software vendor upgrades a packaged solution, so they often create their own. In addition, agency IT decisions are made independently, thus creating a highly diverse environment.

Practical, Economical Technology Solutions

The sheer scale of government systems and the high cost of bleeding-edge talent prevent many agencies from rapidly adopting the latest technology fad. The cost of transformative change is too high and return on investment (ROI) is uncertain. Once it’s installed and it works, the government maintains its data processing architecture for the long haul.

Highly Accountable

The government runs on taxpayer money which is a limited fund. It can be difficult to get government technology projects funded, and there is far greater scrutiny to prove success than in the private sector. If the system works, a compelling case must be made to justify change. Therefore, government agencies need integration solutions with low cost of entry, rapid, demonstrable business value and a stepwise roadmap.

Considering the distinctive character of public sector IT environments, MitemView is the ideal integration solution because it enables:

  • True, direct legacy application integration
  • Minimal, if any, disruption to existing systems
  • Easy accommodation of unforeseen conditions
  • Accountable, proven solutions that deliver on their promises
  • Low-cost of entry; shows immediate value; builds in a stepwise fashion
  • Leverage existing skills and technologies

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