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Vought Aircraft improves mainframe-based manufacturing control system
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Manufacturing organizations, the backbone of industrialized societies for hundreds of years, must adapt to change to remain competitive. In doing so, they have grown from 'one-man' workshops into multinational organizations with tens of thousands of employees. With the advent of computer technology and the pace of technological advancement, many manufacturing organizations need to bring their legacy infrastructure and applications into the Windows and Internet environments in order to reap their benefits.

Core Competencies

The core competency of any manufacturing organization lies in its products.  Understandably, many organizations regard managing their technological infrastructure as a "necessary evil." The processes required of purchase requisitions, purchase orders, inventory management and invoice creation are dependent on a long history of transactions that have usually occurred within a legacy system. As the pace of doing business accelerates, a premium is placed on completing these tasks as rapidly as possible. Many companies relying on legacy systems must navigate multiple screens to process a single transaction and some must use information from multiple legacy applications. To complete the required tasks at a speed that enables them to remain competitive in fast-moving markets, companies can use a MitemView application to efficiently combine all of this information into a unified, rich Windows or Web-based interface.

Rapid Development, Rapid Deployment

MitemView's non-invasive approach enables applications to be developed and deployed very quickly without compromising quality, reliability, or scalability. The applications can be as simple or complex as needed and can dramatically increase the efficiency of legacy application processes.

The speed with which an integration strategy can be deployed depends on the complexities and issues of the processes involved, but MitemView can be used for applications such as purchase order requisition systems, invoice systems, inventory management and client order status over the Web, to name a few.

Final Assembly

Pressed to improve efficiency to reduce operating costs and increase competitiveness, manufacturing organizations face the tough challenge of accelerating their technology investment. MitemView gives organizations a means for effectively delivering a proven, reliable and scalable integration strategy.

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