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Public Utilities

Illustration: A Utility Company

A utility company might install a MitemView solution as shown in the schematic below. In this case, four different user communities-Customer service representatives (CSRs) in call center, back-office administration staff; field engineers at remote depots, and actual customers-access services from the following enterprise applications: marketing, billing, customer service, and works management. This utility has deployed MitemView to provide specific points of integration for each user community.

Each call center CSR works at a desktop PC running MitemView and a custom Visual Basic application that provides a consistent, graphical front-end to the utility's enterprise systems. MitemView communicates with the appropriate host system(s) in real-time as each transaction is processed and presents the CSR with data in a single composite view.


The customer-facing CSRs handle many different queries, requiring information from multiple systems. Pre-MITEM, a change of address transaction required manual updates to the customer information and billing systems; a "notice of disconnection" required a job to be scheduled via the works management system and updates to the customer and billing records. With MitemView, such updates are performed automatically, freeing CSRs for other tasks. Additionally, during any customer interaction, CSRs can access the marketing system to bring new products or services to the callers' attention.

Read about MITEM's Customer Service Framework, designed specifically to enhance the call center environment for public utilities.

Another Example: Payments Via Kiosks in Retail Locations

Customer: Entergy

Like other energy utilities seeking to cut costs and improve service, Entergy closed its satellite business offices and decided to deploy a solution that allows customers to pay their bills at a local grocery or convenience store or gas station.

For the tough job of posting payments to one of its four customer information systems in real-time, Entergy decided on MITEM's integration solution. Entergy chose MitemView because of its non-invasive approach to legacy integration that does not require modification of the existing CIS software. MITEM's professional services team was able to prototype Entergy's system requirements in just two days.


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