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Operational CRM

"Critics claim the CRM concept was over-hyped from the beginning, and its payoffs for business over-promised. According to a recent Gartner Inc. survey, more than half of all CRM projects failed to meet users' expectations."

MITEM's CRM value proposition is simple: avoid CRM "bloatware" and deploy the 20% of the technology that delivers 80% of the business value.

Full-blown CRM packages return a questionable ROI and, in certain industries, such as public utilities, have failed to gain significant customer acceptance. Why? Because their cost-benefit analysis often presumes increases in top-line revenue by employing customer profiling, closed-loop sales and marketing techniques, exploiting up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, etc. Rarely, however, can such CRM packages be justified solely by the bottom line operational efficiencies producing measurable cost reductions. Organizations serious about their bottom line are wise to deploy an Operational CRM solution from MITEM.

Operational CRM focuses on the direct support of the day-to-day needs of customer-facing employees. The goal of companies considering an Operational CRM system is to implement a seamless set of end-to-end processes (workflow) supported by multiple data sources through a composite user interface.

MITEM software does not replace tried and trusted customer information systems. Instead, MITEM enhances, extends, and integrates those systems to deliver significant new functionality. For instance, the MitemView integration software interfaces with existing systems to deliver a new composite application at a fraction of the cost and in less than half the time of typical CRM packages.


MITEM customers come from many industries; but all report operational improvements that include cost reductions and customer service efficiencies. A prominent catalog company's call center improvements included:

  • Up to 75% reduction in training costs
  • 10% to 20% reduction in average call handle time
  • 35% reduction of hand-offs and call transfers
  • 40% increase in service sales

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