Case: Java App Server
CalPERS selects MITEM to interface beween Oracle 9iAS and mainframe systems
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Case: Java App Server
Swiss Life selects MITEM to interface between Novell exteNd and five legacy systems
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Case: Java App Server
MITEM embeds Macromedia JRun in Blue Iris product
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Java / J2EE

Within the world of Java and J2EE Application Servers, MitemView is compatible in five key areas: support for the Java programming language, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Connector Architecture (JCA), Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Messaging System (JMS).

Java Programming Language

MitemView is an integration framework that can be customized by using the Java programming language. By customized, we mean that the application specific business logic and integration control logic is programmed in Java. The resulting Java application inter-operates with the MitemView framework, at runtime, via an event-driven interface. MitemView works with Java environments that support JDK 1.1 or later.

J2EE Application Server

MitemView has been deployed in conjunction with every major application server on the market including:

  • IBM WebSphere
  • BEA WebLogic
  • Oracle Application Server
  • Macromedia JRun
  • Novell exteNd (formerly SilverStream)

MITEM’s NXTier (pronounced next-tier) technology enables a collaborative relationship to be formed between MitemView and a Java application running on any J2EE server.

A NXTier interface consists of an NXTier delegate that uses an NXTier runtime to form a collaboration with a MitemView Server that has NXTier Services enabled. Delegates are lightweight software components that install on the J2EE server. They are lightweight, to avoid placing load on the server, and expose a simple interface that is easy to configure and maintain. Delegates use a synchronous, request/response
model to communicate between the J2EE server and a particular instance of MitemView. Because Delegates follow a synchronous model, they are designed for interfacing with multi-threaded server applications.

The J2EE server sends a request to the MitemView Integration Server. A NXTier Delegate is installed on the J2EE server, which can be running on UNIX, Windows, OS/390 or any other platform. In this example, from a hospital information system, a Data General screen-based application and HL7 transactions are being orchestrated by MitemView.

Enterprise Java Beans

Historically MITEM has had customers that required MitemView services to be remotely accessible from Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) running on an application server. More recently, the application server vendors have begun to add their own meta-data driven integration layers and actively encourage all external calls to be passed down through this layer. The Java Connector Architecture (JCA) and Oracle's OAI are two such examples. So while MITEM will continue to support native EJB interfaces, the trend is toward interfacing at the integration layer via JCA.

Java Connector Architecture

In addition to the NXTier technology, MITEM is committed to building adapters that are compatible with the Java Connector Architecture (JCA). The JCA standard is somewhat of a moving target and MITEM stays current with industry developments.

Java Server Pages

MITEM has multiple customers using Java Server Pages (JSP) to invoke services on their MitemView integration server. The underlying technology for this interfacing solution is MITEM's NXTier Services.

Java Messaging Service

MITEM can support the Java Message Service (JMS) as the messaging vendors for which MITEM has adapters - such as IBM and TIBCO - add the JMS API to their product offering. This support will include Message-Driven Beans (MDB).

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