Legacy Systems

Host applications running on mainframe and midrange systems are a formidable barrier to true integration. These systems rarely have documented or open interfaces, making them painfully difficult to integrate. Legacy systems are not being retired at the pace previously thought, so finding a fast and effective way to integrate and extend them has become the more practical strategy.

MITEM's integration platform, MitemView, enables legacy host systems to become active participants in new business processes. By reusing existing system interfaces to reduce integration cost and complexity, it is now practical to distribute critical business data to all levels in the enterprise.

MitemView supports full read/write connectivity to myriad legacy systems including IBM mainframe, Tandem, Bull, Unisys, ICL, AS/400, Data General, Hewlett-Packard, Digital VAX and character-mode UNIX systems.

MitemView provides out-of-the-box support for following terminal interfaces:

  • ADDS
  • BDS7 (Bull VIP family)
  • DG470 (Data General 470)
  • DG5220 (Data General Meditech)
  • HP700 (Hewlett Packard 700x) - Read More - Platforms: HP3000
  • HZL (Hazeltine)
  • T27 (Unisys T27) - Read More - Platforms: Unisys
  • T3278 (IBM 3270)
  • T5250 (IBM 5250)
  • T6530 (Tandem 6530)
  • TVI (Televideo 9xx)
  • UTS (Unisys UTS 60) - Read More - Platforms: Unisys
  • VT420 (DEC, includes VT52, VT100, VT102, VT102, VT220)
  • Wyse (Wyse 50, 60)

Support for other terminal types is available on request.

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