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Mobile/Wireless Computing

The practicality of wireless and mobile computing devices is improving everyday, and with these developments there is an increasing demand for instant access to corporate data. Now, customers, business partners and employees want the option to tap into key business information via not only their desktop computers, but on these mobile and wireless devices as well.

To be successful, companies must find a way to integrate their legacy systems with wireless technology and provide a scaled-down version of their e-Business capabilities to fit small, touch-driven screens. With MitemView, you don’t have to build a whole new application for deployment to mobile and wireless devices. Instead you can reuse existing business logic in your mainframe and midrange applications, exposing key functions to these new consumers. MitemView supports the real-time, bi-directional delivery of corporate data to HTML, WAP/WML, XML, Java and Macromedia Flash environments without the time, risk and cost of invasive integration techniques.

If you are supporting a user base that has not standardized on a particular device, MitemView can also perform device recognition, sending the right pages (formatted properly for the screen size and capabilities) to the right device. And all the pages depend on a single implementation of the logic contained in a wireless server page. MitemView is a complete solution that allows you to begin supporting wireless computing right away, while also providing the Web, desktop and programmatic interfaces for the total spectrum of legacy integration needs for today and the future.

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Partner example: Odyssey Software is a recognized leader in the development of mobile enterprise data-access software products. Since the inception of their APIfusion product, Odyssey has embedded MitemView to provide non-invasive, real-time integration between legacy systems and hand-held devices.

MitemView supports many types of mobile and wireless devices including the Palm, Pocket PCs, Symbol Technologies’ ruggedized devices and Windows CE devices, among others. You can start by designing lowest common denominator wireless Web pages to display properly on any device. Or, you can develop pages customized to the unique capabilities of a specific device. Most wireless devices use one of three presentation approaches. PDAs support HTML, Java or their own proprietary language. Cell phones and pagers typically use HTML or WML (wireless markup language). Alternatively, the Macromedia Flash player is embedded in both cell phones and PDAs and offers the richest and most portable user experiences. MITEM is unique in having delivered enterprise-class applications that connect Flash-based applications with legacy systems.

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