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MITEM Host Adapter for TIBCO ActiveEnterprise
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Host Adapter Overview
Technical description of how MitemView works with TIBCO products
Host Adapter Overview


Connecting TIBCO Products to Mainframe and Midrange Systems

Legacy applications running on mainframe and midrange systems are a formidable barrier to true enterprise integration. These systems rarely have documented or open interfaces, making them painfully difficult to integrate. Systems are not being retired at the pace previously thought, so finding a fast and effective way to integrate and extend them has become the more practical strategy.


MITEM defines the 'last mile' as the chasm between legacy systems and modern EAI platforms. There are more than 300,000 custom applications isolated on the other side of this divide. MITEM has focused on delivering solutions to bridge this last mile and is recognized as the leader in legacy integration software.


MITEM's signature product, MitemView, provides non-invasive integration to legacy mainframe and midrange systems. MitemView enables real-time integration of disparate systems without requiring changes or additions to existing applications. MitemView is used to provide the last mile connection between TIBCO products and myriad legacy systems.

Features of the MITEM Host Adapter for TIBCO ActiveEnterprise:

  • Connects TIBCO ActiveEnterprise to myriad legacy systems: IBM OS/390, AS/400, DEC VAX, Unix, Unisys, Tandem, Bull, ICL, and Data General
  • MITEM Host Adapter is built with the TIBCO Adapter SDK to maintain adapter functionality and compatibility
  • Patented technology reliably maintains synchronization and state information between disparate systems
  • Can be deployed as a stand-alone LAN gateway or in combination with TIBCO Substation ES

MITEM's Host Adapter for TIBCO ActiveEnterprise complements TIBCO's own portfolio of mainframe integration products that include support for transaction processing systems, direct database access and file transfers.




TIBCO and MITEM products are event-based, processing transactions and messages in real-time as they occur. This real-time operation is quickly replacing batch-mode processing in support of today's evolving business processes including Customer Self-Service, B2B automation and Straight Through Processing.


The MITEM Host Adapter for TIBCO ActiveEnterprise can be rapidly deployed. A custom MitemView adapter is generated from a template using ProStart, a tool from MITEM's family of productivity assistants. This tool collects all relevant parameters via a point-and-click wizard-style interface and generates a foundation Java framework. The developer adds custom integration control and business logic to the framework using MitemView's configuration tools.


Once implemented, TIBCO Rendezvous or TIBCO ActiveEnterprise messages are received by the MitemView server. MitemView manages the interactions with the legacy system and processes all relevant data. When the legacy transaction is complete, MitemView formats a TIBCO Rendezvous or TIBCO ActiveEnterprise message and posts it to the information bus.

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