Our Story

When the Medicare system implemented DRGs in 1983 to stop price inflation in medical care, Aurel Kleinerman, MD, and Andrew Rittler entered the nascent health care cost containment environment.

Dr. Kleinerman founded MITEM Corporation after completing his residency at Stanford Medical Center. He saw vast opportunities for removing data silos and improving access to data. At the same time, Andrew joined the premier health care consulting firm, Amherst Associates, to provide DRG consulting services and systems to hospital administrators.

Over the next three decades Aurel invented and delivered technology to improve the availability of data to disparate users in health care and other industries, while Andrew was delivering the health care decision support, hospital department, practice and ambulatory management, and data exchange systems which comprise today’s electronic health record.

In 2013 Aurel and Andrew joined efforts to create and deliver a new technology that greatly expands a provider’s visibility of a change in patient status. Not all changes. Not all patients. The actionable changes in the status of crucial patients to which a timely response can vastly improve patient health and eliminate waste.

Their solution is named eVigils® — to help providers stay ever vigilant about their patients. eVigils® is the result of Aurel and Andrew’s combined eighty years of health care experience and their enduring focus on patient care. Today eVigils® is used by providers and organizations that assume and benefit from taking an expanded risk in the delivery of patient care.

Aurel Kleinerman, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Aurel Kleinerman
Chief Technology Officer, eVigils

Andrew Rittler, Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Rittler
Chief Executive Officer